Banana, Peanut Butter & Honey Toasted Sandwich

I have been missing out!   I’ve not been a huge fan of peanut butter, I dont mind peanuts but not so much in butter form.  Clean eating involves cooking with alot of nuts and lots use peanut butter,  well I now adore peanut butter and cant get enough of it.  My lovely friend Michelle told me to try peanut butter and honey together on bread/toast….OMG its heaven!!   So simple yet so amazing, I now have this for breakfast a couple of times a week.  And now I add banana and whack it in the sandwich maker to heat it up and voila a totally yummy breakfast (or lunch).    If you havent tried this before, you really are missing out and I urge you to give this a go asap, you wont regret it!

Such a simple recipe…..

2 pieces wholemeal bread (I prefer to use Helga’s flaxseed & Quinoa or Rye Bread)

1-2  tsp of peanut butter

Drizzle of honey

1 banana

Spread peanut butter over one piece of bread, layer chopped up banana and drizzle honey, add the top piece of bread and put in a sandwich maker, til toasted and warm.


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