My Story….

I thought I’d do a quick me post (I do have an about me page with a before and after pic) but thought I’d do a little blog post about it keeping it brief so I dont bore you all…..

After gaining 30kg having 5 kids tipping the scales at 90kg and reaching a size 18 I finally made the decision to do something about it and this time I was more determined.  That was October 1 2010 and I havent looked back since.  I changed my eating habbits firstly then started adding in walking and exercise bike at home for an hour an day it wasnt long before I started to see my weight drop.  By December I had lost 12kg but was getting a little bored with the same exercise routine so I decided to join the gym.  I chose Fernwood, a female gym and the fitness obsession began!!  I was loving going to the gym,  slowly i got the courage to start classes,  PT, Zumba, Combat, Pump and Body Attack.  The weight was slowly dropping and I was starting to look and feel more tonedand by mid July I had lost a total of 33kg making me 57kg and a size 8-10.  I still had that determination,  I was so strict with my eating, refusing to eat out and too scared to let myself have a treat now and then for fear of gaining weight back.  That feeling consumed me,  like the fat me was haunting me warning me I could go back to that anytime and I was determinated (and still am) that its not going to happen!   After dealing with bloating issues since the weight loss that I just couldnt work out and doing lots of research online and doctors visits  about what to do about it, trying lots of different vitamins I read about clean eating, 5 weeks ago I decided to follow a strict clean eating lifestyle and was amazing with the results, dropping 3kg in first 5 days and losing 4cm off my tummy and bloating now is a bare minimum!!!  I was eating healthy before bot not 100% clean!   I now have frequent meals, smaller portions but eat every 2-3 hours.  All craving have stopped and I am feeling awesome!!    The yummy recipes especially sweet treat recipes are amazing and not boring at all, now i can have clean eating treats without the bloating!   I do have my bad treats from time to time like my monthly cocolate visit with my bestie Michelle and sometimes things pop up, I just choose wisely (except for when at Cocolat lol,  thats my extra special treat).  And opt for smaller portions.   Anyway thats basically a quick story about my journey and below are some before and afters of me….


And here is me Easter 2012 with my 5 kids. 


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