Banana Choc Protein Thickshake

This is something I often have after a PT session or Pump class.  Sometimes (in the warmer months) I’d have this for breakfast.   It’s one of those chuck togther things and you can change it around to suit your tastes but here is what I do…

1 banana chopped and frozen (this is gives a thick and creamy milk shake, kinda like a soft serve ice cream) – i make sure i have a few already chopped in the freezer so i have them on hand when needed.

Chocolate Protein Powder, lately I have been buying Shannon’s from the biggest loser as i find it has a nice chocolate taste. 

2 Tbsp low fat natural yoghurt

1 strawberry (frozen or not)

1 tsp cinnamon

a few ice cubes

milk option if you want it a little runnier.

1 Tbsp honey (option if you want it sweeter but i find you dont need it)

You do need a little patience with this as its very stop start as the blender will struggle a little with the ice cubes and frozen banana but you will get  there.  Chuck everything in a blender and pulse away until thick and creamy and smooth.  You will need a spoon for this one!!

You can also omit the protein powder and use cocoa or omit choc and add extra frozen strawberries!

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