I’m Back Online….

After quite a few computer issues for the past 2-3 weeks I finally have the computer updated and internet back on.  So I’m ready to go nuts with recipes and photos.

This blog will have a few changes as far as content goes,  its been quite a full on past few weeks dietary wise. My 11 year old daughter is back on her lactose free diet until further notice from Women’s & Children’s Hospital until we await her Breath test to see if she does infact have lactose intolerance.  We suspect highly that she does.  She had a rapid improvement over easter when I, myself, took her off anything with lactose,  then gradually introduced a little back in to her diet to discover her belly pains and soft bowels were back and also her eczema is back too which the Gastroenterologist said could be a connection too.    I also have needed to go lactose and gluten free as part of the low FODMAP diet, I will have some information about this in a post on its own.   My body struggles to digest some sugars (fructose for example) so my entire diet has to change and its been many hours researching recipes and what I can and cant eat and seriously its been quite stressful as I have been feeling to scared to eat anything for fears of me feeling ill and bloating massively.  Today I bought a special book about the low FODMAP diet and recipes so will hope that will give me some new ideas and inspiration,  I have googled a few recipes to try and also modified some recipes to make them gluten, lactose or low FODMAP.  I will share as I trial them!

I’ll be back soon with a few recipes.

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