Revolution Vocal Studio Kids Winter Wonderland Concert {personal blog post}

Today was a proud mummy day for me.  Carlie, my 7 year old daughter,  all this term has been taking singing lessons at the Revolution Vocal Studio ( something she has been wanting to do for so long,  she loves to sing, she got a karaoke machine for xmas and its had a good work out!!  When I heard about my old personal trainer Cheryl Loveday (who is also part of the group The Vocal Vixens ( ) was part of a this new business venture that opened at the start of the year I thought what a great opportunity for Carlie and personally knowing Cheryl I knew what a great singer and person she is and how Carlie would be quite comfortable in her class.  Carlie has thoroughly enjoyed the entire term and has enjoyed being a mini revolutionary in Cheryl’s class (she has been fascinated by Cheryl’s American accent too lol).

Today was the big end of term concert titled Winter Wonderland and its for the under 15’s.  It was held at a fab location, Nexus Cabaret Space and its quite a cosy little place.  Carlie and her mini revolutionary (including Carlie there were 5) sang 2 songs from the movie Annie, Tomorrow and It’s a hard knock life.  They had to look a little like orphans so had messy hair and dirty faces.   What a fantastic job they did and I was so proud of Carlie, she wasnt shy at all, used her voice well and I could hear her and did the actions too.  She loved it up on stage too.  I was thrilled with her performance that I had a special surprise waiting for her at home.

Thanks Tania Savelli, Cheryl Loveday & Priscilla Thomas for organising such a fantastic show.

Carlie’s brothers and sisters ready for the show!


My little singing diva 🙂


and Carlie’s special surprise for doing such an awesome job…..she loves lala loospy!

(check out her little sister Sabrinah getting in on the photo lol)



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