Tayla’s Gluten Free Microwave Ginger Pudding Cakes (Lactose Free, Low Fodmap)

My 11 year old daugther Tayla spent the morning at the Womens and Children’s hospital having a Lactulose breath test,  we were running a few minutes late as we needed the 8th floor and we couldnt find a lift to get us to the 8th floor,  we got there eventually and got the testing started,  she was nervous she was going to be shocked with news of an injection (she doesnt like them at all and gets very faint and dizzy) so after many reassurances no needles will be involved she was happy to see she just had to breath through a straw into a tube….simple!   What she wasnt happy about was having to stay there for 2.5 hours as she had to have a special drink then do the breath test every half hour for 2.5 hours.  Lucky for the ipad!!!   Time went pretty quick though.  Lucky I packed one of my creamy tuna salad tortillas (see recipe on yesterdays post) it tasted even better put together the next day!  Poor Tayla had to fast from 11pm last night until test finished at just before midday.   She was starving, I had lunch and lots of goodies packed for her for the ride home.   Not before stopping off at the gift shop for a little surprise, she adores tigers, cats and wolves and she found this ceramic ornament of a white snow tiger, she loves collecting things, trinkets and cute things, much like me.  Her room is full of collectables.  Anyway the outcome for today was she has hydrogen on her breath which is good which means we go back tomorrow for the Lactose breath test, so back to fasting again and another 2.5 hour test I believe it is again.   Another early morning start dropping the other 4 kids off at my parents place then off to the city in the hectic morning work traffic!!

Tayla was given this cute apron by her best friend, it comes with some recipes and also a texta as there is a spot on the apron to write your name.  Tayla loves how I write her name in cursive, not sure why, she always says her name looks pretty how I write it, so I had the honours of writing her name in cursive on her apron and she was all set and ready to cook…but what to cook.  After she was googling for some inspiration she got an idea and as she was still hungry from having to fast for so long and not being full from lunch she wanted something quick, why not a microwave cake!!   She showed me a few ideas and flavours and this is what she came up with (with alittle guidance from me)  and happily renamed it a Pudding cake as its not light and fluffy like a cupcake, its quite heavy and dense.  But lots of flavour!!   I was impressed but as I can only eat small portions, I just had a couple of bites.  She was pretty pleased with her efforts.  This is a very filling pudding the  kids wont say they are hungry after eating this one!! Tayla isnt gluten free just lactose free until further notice so its sweet she kept this gluten free for me, bless her.   I love how when my kids cook choc chips must be added lol,  they’d add choc chips to mashed potato if I let them!!!   Poor Tayla has gone through alot in her 11 years, diagnosed with asthma, she has bouts of sever eczema and for years on and off tummy troubles, she gets sick the most out of all the kids.  But she is a toughy, maybe not so much with injections but with everything else she has gone through alot, hospital appointments here and there, specialist appointments here and there.  I will be glad to get some answers for her finally!!!


Tayla’s Gluten Free Microwave Ginger Pudding Cakes

2 larger individual serves or 4 mini serves

1 cup gluten free plain flour

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

2 Tbsp dark brown sugar (if using greek yoghurt add an extra tablespoon of sugar)

1 Tbsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup lactose free plain yoghurt (or greek yoghurt)

1 tsp vanilla

1 egg, beaten

2 Tbl rice bran oil

1/4 cups dairy free choc chips (optional)

2-4 Tbl cream to serve (or maple syrup) and extra choc chips or crushed nuts to serve.  (lactose free if on a lactose free diet, although 1 tablespoon of normal cream has 0.1g lactose which usually is suitable for those on a low fodmap diet)


Grease 2 very large mugs, either wide or tall (we have a wide mug like tea cup)  or grease 4 small ramekins (1/2 cup capacity approx) – we had larger ramekins so got 3 made. Mix together all dry ingredients in a bowl then add wet ingredients and mix well.

Pour evenly amongst mugs or ramekins, microwave on high for 3 minutes.  Tip out cakes onto invidual plates and pour 1 tablespoon of cream over the top, sprinkle with choc chips or nuts and serve while warm.

Tayla says you can enjoy this yummy treat on a winters day. Here she is with hers pudding cake!

Serve on a plate with cream and choc chips and Tayla’s dairy free choc chips look like claws as she demonstrates below…


Here are 3 using smaller ramekins.


The recipe is adapted from http://www.glutenfreecookingschool.com/archives/more-gluten-free-cake-in-a-mug-gluten-free-ginger-cake/


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