Party Idea: Cat Cake (Gluten Free, Low Fodmap)

My daughter Tayla is cat mad, whether its domesitc or tiger, she adores them, and is a cat owner herself, we bought  her a Lilac Burmese show cat for her 9th birthday so she could go to cat shows with her cat Mollie with my mum.   Earlier in the year for both her birthday and my mums birthday (my mum loves cats too and has 5 show cats) we made these cat cakes.   These can easily be made gluten free by using my gluten free vanilla cake recipe

You will need 2 batches of the cake recipe.  Fill one round cake pan with the normal amount of batter and with the 2nd lot of batter you will make the ears and ‘cheeks’ .  Fill 3 cupcakes wrappers and remaining batter put in another cake pan.   The cupackes will have less cooking time too.    Once cooled the main cake for the face you will need to slice across the top to even out.   The other spare cake you will cut 2 triangles for the ears then remove your cupcakes from the wrappers and use 2 to place on the lower part of the face cake, I like to use a little icing under or jam to hold in place.  Prepare your butter cream using butter (or dairy free margarine) – see link.   You will then need gluten free lollies (if low fodmap make sure they are fructose friendly too to make the eyes and ears, mouth, whiskers. Or use a piping bag with small nozzle to pipe on the extra bits.

This recipe can also make cupcakes, I have lots of cupcakes ideas, mostly use normal flour but can easily be adapted to be gluten free and/or low fodmap.  Remember though, for low fodmap dieters there is still alot of sugar in this recipe from the buttercream, so dont go overboard, stick to a small slice.  I know it will be hard!


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