Food Review: Chicken & Lime Gluten Free Sausages (Low Fodmap)

While shopping at my regular Woolworths supermaket (Australia wide supermarket chain) and I found these little chicken and lime sausages that say gluten free and after reading ingredients they seem suitable for the low fodmap diet too.  I took a chance and bought a packet and had 2 for dinner last night.  And to my happiness I ate the 2 with no symptoms!!  YAY.  Finally I can now join the kids in sausages in GF bread when its our footy training night! (I either do sausages in bread or hot dogs as we are out at dinner time for an hour and its freezing so whip up something quick and easy, its my slack night and kids always chose it to be hot dog or sausage/bread night.

The taste is really great.  A subtle lime flavour and a little kick of chilli too.  I found 2 were enough for my little portion size options and today I had 2 for lunch wrapped up in my home made tortilla.  Most impressed and happy I was sypmtom free after eating them.  I will be going back and stocking up on them thats for sure.   Also I havent been paid by woolworths or the Peppercorn food company for this review, this is just something I found in the shop yesterday and am hoping my find can help others on the Low Fodmap diet try new things in the store!


Here is some more info….

$6.49 for 8 in the pack.

Per 2 sausages……

Fat is 7.5grams

Protein 16grams

145 calories

If you find them in your local Woolworths grab a pack and try them,  I am so glad I found a suitable chicken sausage with no onion or garlic!!!   The Peppercorn Food Company website where you can find the sausages

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