Gluten Free Mac & Cheese (Low Fodmap, Low Lactose)

I thought I’d quickly add this recipe to my blog as the sauce I used for the lasagne (in the last post) is my mac and cheese sauce.  This is one of my kids favourite meals but I hate buying the packet stuff.  To much crap in it.  And they love my home made mac & cheese!  This can be used with gluten free pasta or normal.  Sometimes I make it cheese and chive flavour by adding a tablespoon or so of freshly chopped chives.  This is low lactose, block cheese and parmesan cheese has very very little lactose, please asses your own tolerance.

Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

approx 250 grams uncooked gluten free pasta (macaroni or penne, bow tie etc) I usually dont measure and just chuck a heap of pasta in so I am estimating.

60 grams butter

1/2 cup gluten free plain flour

2 cups low fat milk (lactose free or normal)

1 cup low fat cheese, grated

1/2 ts salt

pepper to taste

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

(optional 2 Tbsp fresh chives, chopped)


In a saucepan bring some salted water to the boil and add pasta and cook til al dente.  Meanwhile in another saucepan over low-mediuim heat melt butter and add plain flour stiring to combine, add in milk 1 tablespoon at a time stirring continuously so it doesnt get lumpy.  Once getting smooth and slightly runnier add in the rest of the milk and stir for a couple of minutes, add in cheeses and salt and stir a further minute or so.  Allow to stand while pasta is cooking to thicken slightly.  Drain pasta and stir into the cheese sauce.  Serve with extra grated cheese.



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