RESULTS ARE IN!! Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis Test

Today I got my results back from last weeks bio-compatibility hair analysis test, this is a special test for food sensitivites that may be causing my body harm (like my IBS and constant headaches).    Healing any disease is to get the diet right for you. Bio-compatibility hair analysis testing is therefore benificial to regaining your health. This testing is a form of modern bio-energetic science that will assess your sensitivity to over 400 common foods and household products using a sample of your hair. Like me,  if you have tried elimination diets in the past you will know how hard it is to pinpoint the reactive foods. Bio-Compatibility testing does the hard work for you. Your test results will alert you to exactly what foods are causing your symptoms and making you ill.    But to be clear this is not about medical allergy testing, Quite interesting isnt it!  At first I was a little concerned that was $165 down the drain but I am getting desperate to get this under control so thought if this works its the best thing ever!  Only time will tell.  Anyway I am guessing you are keen to hear my list of results.   Basically I got given the list of over 400 foods and products and those in red are what I am sensitive too.  If you have tried elimination diets in the past you will know how hard it is to pinpoint the reactive foods. Bio-Compatibility testing is meant to do the hard work for you. So my test results should tell me exactly what foods are causing my symptoms and making me  ill. (And I say should as I wont know until the coming weeks if this will really work I guess).  Food sensitivities cause the immune system to become overactive and produce excessive amounts of inflammatory mediators like histamine. Most medical practitioners do not understand that these inflammatory mediators can migrate to any area of the body causing inflammation in glands, joints, muscles, tendons, mucous membranes and skin and are the cause of many health problems. Once this inflammation accumulates in a certain area, we give that inflamed area a name. In the joints it can cause or aggravate arthritic pains. In the respiratory tract it can cause or aggravate sinus, asthma and excess mucous. In the nervous system it can cause or aggravate headaches, migraine, depression, tiredness and add to ADHD. In the skin it can cause or aggravate rashes, eczema, psoriasis and hives.  Well, I wont keep you waiting any longer,  there arent too many foods on the list that I was sensitive too conidering there were over 400 but a couple I was like DAMMIT I eat every single almost, might explain why I still get what I thought was unexplained bloating from time to time.

My food sensitivies





Rooiboos Tea

Fennel seeds

Refined table salt

Vanilla (nooooooooo!  I bake with it all the time!)

Praise Mayo

Worcester sauce

Beef & Pork (bugger, I have been loving my homemade sausages rolls with beef mince)


A2 Milk

Full cream and skim milk

EGGS (what the?!?!   I eat them almost daily, if not in baking, in omlettes, devastated about that one)

Baked Beans


Macadamias (my fave nut, typical)

White bread


Fantastic Chicken Gluten Free noodles

Go natural fruit and nut bars

Crunchy Nut cornflakes

Special K

Manuka Honey

Sensitivities to products



Wool Mix

Head & Shoulders (I used this a few times and was itching so bad I thought I had lice lol so that made sense)

Nivea shaving gel

Morning fresh dishwashing liquid



Arnica (in the cream/ointment section, no idea what it is though)


So the big shockers for me there were eggs and vanilla!  Now I completely have to rethink my baking concept and bake with no eggs or trial egg replacers.  So watch this space for egg free recipes lol  I am still going to follow the low fodmap and slowly introduce some foods back in but I wanted to eliminate those foods in red above first for the 4 weeks and see how I go.

But wait theres more and it really makes things tricky for me and it was another one of those NOOOOOOOOOOOO! moments lol   My naturapath said she will be able to help me with my headaches that i suffer from but for a while all was ok but lately they have been coming back frequently and I can have it for 2-3 days mild then it gets really bad in the night, like thismorning I was up at 3.30am battling a bad headache and I cant lay down as it makes it worse and will turn into a migraine so I sit up in bed.  But the answers she gave me do make sense and coincide with what I had been eating.

The answer is Food Amines!   Whats that you say……Amines have been associated with headaches and other food intolerance symptoms like IBS, eczema and depression.  Amines arise as a result of protein breaking down.  Like aged and over processed meats are high in amines.  Browning/grilling and charring will increase amine level so its recommended using a microwave or steaming  for better results.  Amines also increase in ripening fruit that go soft  such as bananas and avocados. Amines  will increase in leftover foods too, if you are amine sensitive you cannot reheat food especially when its been kept in the fridge longer than 24 hours.   Also its best to buy meats from a butchre than a supermarket as all meat at the supermarket is vacuum packed, repacked and sold as fresh but it can be up to 10 weeks old when we eat it!  The problem is the vacuum packing as it can inhibit the grown of bacteria but doesnt do anything to stop the development of amines.

Where do you find Amines?

Fruits high in Amines: Avocado, Banana, Fig, Grapes, Lemon, Mandarin, Plum, Raspberry (I have been cooking with lemon alot lately around the time of my last headache that hit)

Vegetables in in Amines: Eggplant, mushroom, tomato, Sauerkraut, Spinach (I eat loads of spinach)

Nuts and Snacks high in Amines: Coconut, Peanut, Pecan, black walnut, butternut, cheese flavoured or spicy snack foods.

Sweets high in Amines: Dark Chocolate (extremely high), cocoa, milk and white chocolate (I have been cooking with cocoa and coconut too)

Condiments high in Amines: Marmite, Bonox, Meat Extracts, Soy Sauce, Vegemite, Vinegar, worcestershire sauce

Drinks high in Amines: Chocolate flavoured, Cocoa, Cola, Orange Juice, Tomato Juice, Vegetable Juice, Beer, Chianti, Claret, Fruit Wines, Port, Red Wines, Sherry, White wine.  (Champagne is moderate)

Meats, Poultry high in Amines: Anchovies, Beef Liver, Brains, Kidney, Tripe, Canned Tuna, Devon, Dried, smoked or pickeled fish, Fish Roe, Meat Pies, Pate, Salami, Sausages, Smoked meat or chicken

With meat, buy fresh and eat within 2 days is recommended.

Dairy and Soy high in Amines:  Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, Cheshire, Cracker Barrel, Danish Blue, Edam, Gouda, Gruyere, Jaalsberg, Liederkratz, Leicester, Limberger, Mozarella, Provoione, Roquefort, Parmesan, Munster, Romano, Stilton, Swiss, Wensleydale, Miso, Tempeh

(things like cottage cheese and ricotta, soy milk and tofu are fine)


So, my conculsion to all that is alot of what I eat on the amines list is high, like coconut, cocoa, bananas, spinach and explains why I have constant headaches!  I also was told to stay away from yeast as its a reactive substance so I also have taken out yeast from my diet and will look at making yeast free breads.  My naturapath said to slow down using grain flours like brown rice flour and millet too and go for quinoa & amaranth  This is what I need to stick to for 6 months, then we can start to reintroduce things back and see how I go.  I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!  Whch is a pain as I just made the most amazing gluten free bread tonight and the entire loaf went before it got to cool down and was absolutely delicious…..even better warm with dairy free spread on it!!


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  1. Hi Natalie
    Thank you so much from all of us in similar situations for your sharing.
    Just wondering if the hair analysis will only pick up things in your system already?
    Lauren 🙂

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