Christmas at My Clean Plate (Personal blog post)

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and New Years.  We stayed home to celebrate this year and once again, Santa spoiled the kids!!  As you can imagine with 5 kids under the christmas is chocka’s…well this year was even worse with the delivery of some huge gifts!!


Our poor Christmas tree looks so tiny!!  LOL This year was a rainbow theme, so the decorations were multi coloured and I colour coded their wrapping too.  Jordan had red, Sabrinah –  pink, Tayla – Blue, Carlie – purple and Dylan – green.  Made things alot easier!!

Then you are left with a massive mess!!! And hounded to have toys opened and gosh how frustrating are some of those toys to get out of the boxes, my younger 2 girls got alot of lalaloopsy dolls and playsets which is annoying to get out the boxes!! Check out Dylan’s ride on hummer too!!  That could a disaster there lol.


It was a quiet christmas with my sisters and brother visiting inlaws so it was just us and my parents for lunch and dinner and the kids and I made from scratch our own gingerbread house and decorated it,  I just traced around a dvd cover on paper to get a size and then layed the paper on the rolled out gingerbread and cut around it.  Looked more like a bird house lol

They had fun demolishing it though….


A gift they got from their Nana and Poppy was a little swimming pool,  I am in Australia so xmas is during summer here.  A pool is a perfect gift.


And heres a funny one of Sabrinah the day after xmas (boxing day) at my sisters place for some more xmas celebrations….


It was her 2nd and last time she did it….she didnt like it much!

So thats a quick view on what our xmas was like!!!

Soon I will share some photos from Carlie’s 8th Birthday Vintage High Tea that was a week before Christmas,  you wont believe her cake!!!!!

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